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I’m coming to the conclusion that trying to use both Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC is a bad idea and a recipe for disaster. March 7, 2019
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I have no doubt I’ll upgrade to Photo Mechanic v6 on March 25th. March 6, 2019
📷Selfie with eggs (2013. March 3, 2019
I still don’t like managing and editing photos in Lightroom CC. March 2, 2019
📷 Trees in Snow February 27, 2019
📷 Tires February 27, 2019
Spent 4 hours trying to get the Pakon scanner working. February 27, 2019
A significant percentage of photos shot on film (including mine) look like someone was just trying to finish the roll. February 27, 2019
Since it can’t be a darkroom yet, I made enough room to turn it into a dedicated scanning station. February 17, 2019
The primary driver of my switch to Lightroom CC was that I could easily edit photos on the iPad and yet so far I’ve edited zero photos on the iPad. February 14, 2019
One from the latest roll. February 13, 2019
That PM45 viewfinder is butt-ugly but it’s the only way I can focus the thing. February 13, 2019
I’ve committed to using Lightroom CC but I still don’t love it. February 13, 2019
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