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Wednesday, July 01, 2020

➽ Installed Statping in my Cloudron instance. Possibly an alternative to And by the way, I still love Cloudron. It’s like SetApp for SaaS apps.

➽ Oops, I forgot to set the correct categories to prevent this post from being included in the main RSS feed before I’m ready.

➽ I just reread Pressfield’s “War of Art” (again), looking for whatever it is that people find in it. There’s nothing there. It’s a terrible book and you should, ahem, Resist reading it. I can’t explain why so many people have fallen for it.

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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

⛅️ Partly cloudy +72°F

➽ I hate when I hit “Log In” before remembering to check the “Remember me” checkbox.

➽ “You could be good today, but instead you choose tomorrow.” — Marcus Aurelius. Damn, Marcus.

➽ Hey look, @hjertnes is using twtxt: I’d almost forgotten about twtxt. Mine is rarely used, but here:

The False Hope of an American Rocket Launch – The Atlantic makes sense, but can’t we just let good things be good things once in a while? I don’t believe that a terrible thing over here precludes there being a wonderful thing over there. They can both exist at the same time. Let’s fix the terrible things, but not by dismissing the wonderful ones.

➽ Emacs is a procrastination engine

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Monday, June 29, 2020

⛅️ Partly cloudy +81°F

➽ I’m in that place where I’m utterly bored but don’t feel like doing anything at all. Feels awful.

➽ Was lamenting the fact that I hardly ever use my nice iPad Pro, so I wrote a post about it.

➽ For someone who claims indifference when it comes to coffee, I sure have a lot of coffee-making gear. I normally use the Fellow drip system or a Chemex pour-over. They’re great, but I decided that sometimes I’d like to push a button in the morning and have a pot of coffee ready when I get back from walking the dog. For this, I bought a Moccamaster KBT drip brewer. Can’t wait to try it.

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Sunday, June 28, 2020

☀️ Clear +62°F

➽ I would like to learn more about something today. I’ve no idea what, though.

➽ I should write something about my move back into Lightroom Classic but I’m embarrassed by it, after all of my no-more-Adobe and love for Capture One and the cleverness of Mylio.

➽ Not posting anything to Instagram feels like wanting to participate in conversations with my friends and family at a popular pub, but refusing to join them and expecting them all to come to my house instead.

➽ I’ve seen a few references to It’s all just fashion shows and I often feel the same way, but it can also be interpreted as yet another example of “Someone changed something that I don’t value and therefore is unnecessary.”.

Hook is useful and clever but I always forget it’s there and so I rarely think to use it.

➽ It’s kind of a shame that with a 3-letter email domain I still have to spell it out for people. “No, it’s aich-eee-why dot com”. Hoping the service gets popular enough where everyone already knows how it’s spelled. And I didn’t get the “jack” username so instead of “jackbaty” I went with “jbaty” because it’s shorter. I’m afraid it doesn’t read as well, but, like phone numbers, once people have it they don’t need to remember it later.

➽ Weasel words in a passive voice are my jam

➽ If it’s true that Safari in Big Sur can use easily-ported extensions from Chrome and people actually bother to port them, I guess that would settle the browser question for me.

➽ After doing a side-by-side comparison in my home office of the Sonos Play:3 and the HomePod…I prefer the sound (and appearance) of the HomePod. Sure wish Roon would add Airplay 2 support so I could use both HomePods.

➽ Suddenly my Plex server on the Synology stopped working. I’m growing tired of fragile, complex setups.

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Saturday, June 27, 2020

🌧 Moderate rain at times +65°F

➽ Trying the Safari Technology Preview from Big Sur so I don’t have to install Big Sur yet. I dig it.

➽ I can’t figure out why Mutt only shows 47 emails in the HEY mbox archive but I know there’s like 600 in there.

➽ From now on, if you forward a giant email thread to me and only add, “Thoughts?”, you’re banned for life.

➽ Confession: I almost always shoot in Program mode using autofocus (assuming the camera supports it).

➽ Finished season one of “What We Do In the Shadows” and it was just as much fun as the movie, which I loved to death. Great stuff.

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Friday, June 26, 2020

⛅️ Partly cloudy +59°F

➽ Twitter is essential and infuriating. I often tell myself that “…it’s not at all essential and harumph!…” but I lie. I’m not participating much, but it remains a great, possibly the best, place to go when I want to laugh and learn of amazing things. It’s just that I find it impossible to screen out the toxic, ridiculous bullshit that permeates the place.

➽ I’m trying to utilize Basecamp more deeply in work projects. If I avoid the urge to want to change everything, it’s a great tool. Just use what it offers and relax, would be the theme I’m testing.

➽ I’m coming around to the idea that having everything in one place is more important than having a handful of separate tools just because they each do certain things better.

➽ “Don’t Allow” is the correct option.

➽ I’m installing iOS 14 beta on my phone because I hate myself, but I suppose as long as the phone and Messages and Maps still works, I’m good.

➽ I paid for HEY. Guess I like it.

➽ People seem to think that streaming music is somehow “dangerous” because they don’t “own” the music. I’ve solved this. I buy the music I want (either on vinyl or as downloadable files) and listen to Spotify or whatever for the rest. Spotify is an awesome $10/month radio.

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Thursday, June 25, 2020

☀️ Clear +60°F

➽ I stopped forwarding my email to and almost immediately missed some of HEY’s features. I don’t see how I can’t sign up for a year and see where it goes. Once custom domains are available it will be an easier call to make.

➽ Continuing to move my synced files from Dropbox to Syncthing. I’m finally hitting the wall with Dropbox trying to sell me shit.

➽ My favorite Finder replacement, Forklift, has become rather unstable on my machines. This is sad, because it’s a very nice app. In case i need to abandon it at some point, I’m trying to find little enhancements around a Finder/iTerm workflow. One nice thing I found was OpenInTerminal.

➽ And now we have Foam | A personal knowledge management and sharing system for VSCode

➽ My Tower git client license just renewed for $69. Ouch, and surprise! It’s good though.

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Wednesday, June 24, 2020

➽ I see that Olympus is selling off their “imaging” business (aka cameras). That’s sad. I still own and use an OM1n and an OM2. Wonderful little cameras. A couple of my earlier posts: Around the yard with the OM-2n (2015) and Olympus OM-1n (2009).

➽ Most days I think I’d like to become a Rails developer again. Monoliths are coming back, and Rails does monoliths superbly.

➽ I don’t want to like Roam as much as I do. I can’t help it.

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Tuesday, June 23, 2020

☁️ Overcast +66°F

➽ I am of two minds about nearly everything. Dealing with social media, for example. Mind One wants to dive in and become great at it. To use it for marketing and self-promotion and as a tool to become more “connected” or perhaps even internet famous. Mind Two wants to back away and use social media to maybe chat with a few friends and occasionally share some thoughts. To win the game without playing.

md-roam enables the use of Markdown files in org-roam.

➽ When do we get to bring back drop shadows? I’m ready.

➽ I’ve a feeling that adding a new, powerful Windows/Linux setup to my office would be cool, but would make my life more complicated. Too complicated, probably. I do want to feel what running Windows on a fast, new machine is like. Same with Linux. But damn, it would be so very disruptive. Hell, I can’t figure out how I want to run things on my Mac. Let’s not throw more variables at the problem, eh?

➽ Speaking of being disruptive, let’s just throw the first developer beta for iPadOS 14 on my iPad while we’re at it. Ok I guess it shouldn’t be that disruptive. I barely use the iPad so if it breaks I’m not out much

➽ HEY email is very nice, but it limits the way I can interact with my email and I don’t know if I can get comfortable with that. Thinking I’ll pay for the year and continue evaluating it.

➽ Remember when I thought I’d switch from Firefox to Chrome? I used Chrome for a day and then went back to Safari. I wasn’t sure I’d stay with Safari, but it’s so much more pleasant. Also, in Big Sur they’re bringing extensions back and supposedly making it easy to convert Chrome extensions for use in Safari. That should do it.

➽ Moving backups from Arq/B2 to just the Backblaze app.

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Monday, June 22, 2020

⛅️ Partly cloudy +60°F

➽ Everyone: “So, what do you do?”
Me: “Scroll”

➽ I like using for email, but I’m not sure I’m willing to give up the level of control over my email that I’ve enjoyed forever.

➽ “It’s none of your business” is a valid and appropriate first response

➽ If I have to use what are basically iOS apps as “native” apps on my Mac, I may as well just use web apps instead.

➽ I’m starting to put more and more TODOs into Roam. Roam is a terrible TODO app, but having them all in there, linked with everything else is nice. A tad Org mode-like.

➽ So who’s going to make true, native, proper Mac apps now? Adobe and a few of the big companies, probably. Everyone else will start with iOS and say “Just use that! Mac nerds!”. Or maybe Electron. I’m nervous.

➽ If anyone has advice about PC workstations for photo/video editing and occasional gaming, I’m all ears. Budget is, say, $3,000.