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Tuesday, June 30, 2020

⛅️ Partly cloudy +72°F

➽ I hate when I hit “Log In” before remembering to check the “Remember me” checkbox.

➽ “You could be good today, but instead you choose tomorrow.” — Marcus Aurelius. Damn, Marcus.

➽ Hey look, @hjertnes is using twtxt: I’d almost forgotten about twtxt. Mine is rarely used, but here:

The False Hope of an American Rocket Launch – The Atlantic makes sense, but can’t we just let good things be good things once in a while? I don’t believe that a terrible thing over here precludes there being a wonderful thing over there. They can both exist at the same time. Let’s fix the terrible things, but not by dismissing the wonderful ones.

➽ Emacs is a procrastination engine

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