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I should just sell the big iPad

My big, beautiful 12.9″ iPad Pro with the fancy new Magic Keyboard sits on a shelf, almost all the time. I should probably sell it.

I don’t sell it, because I occasionally get a wild hair and decide to “do more with the iPad”. This seldom lasts more than a week. I know there are many people who adore their iPad-centric lives (I know this because they never shut up about it 😍), but I find it difficult to do anything substantial on iOS. This could be because I’m an Old, but there it is.

I buy apps that I hope will encourage me to use the Pencil more, but I hardly ever use the pencil. Taking notes on the iPad is nothing like using paper. And it offers nothing for me that improves upon writing on paper and, optionally, scanning. Drawing on the iPad feels like cheating, so that doesn’t happen often either.

One would think that I’d use the iPad more just farting around at home, given the giant dimensions of the 16″ MacBook Pro that I choose to lug around instead. I don’t. I always grab the big MBP. Because it has and does everything and it’s easier to use in most settings.

Last year I gave away my iPad Mini and I miss that little guy. I used the Mini as a pseudo Kindle all the time and loved it. It was the same size as my A5 notebook so carrying both was easy.

It sounds silly, but I might rather have an iPad Mini and a MacBook Air as the portable version of the 16″ MBP.

It’s unlikely that I’ll actually sell the iPad. It has so much potential and someday I might figure out how to realize more of it.

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  1. I’m tending in the other direction! Since getting an iMac I’ve been laptop-less. Now I’m thinking of getting a big iPad Pro to act as my laptop. Ironically it’s more expensive than the Air, but the effort of maintaining another installation of macOS isn’t that appealing.

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