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Thinking about keeping Daily Notes here

Here’s what I’ve been thinking.

You may have noticed that my Rudimentary Lathe wiki has evolved into a blog. 90% of new content is simply added to that day’s “Journal” entry. It got me thinking again about consolidation. I mean, I have a blog, right? You’re reading it now. I wonder if it’s possible to create Daily Notes posts right here instead.

The trick is that there’s an RSS feed, and the day’s post would show up in the feed as soon as it’s first published. Not ideal. I don’t actually want the daily posts to show up in the main feed at all, so I suppose I’d need to categorize them and exclude them from the feed.

I also want today’s post to be “pinned” to the top, even if I add other posts that day.

Ideally, the Daily Notes post would be a collection of microblog posts, collected into one entry. Somehow. That should allow for permalinks to be created for each microblog post in addition to the one for the enclosing post. This is secondary, but feels important enough to consider.

The best example of what I’m looking for is Dave Winer’s Also see Colin’s blog. And to a lesser degree, my wiki.

I’m running this site on WordPress (again) now so I’m betting this is all possible. Just need to find the energy to try it.

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  1. I totally like the idea of the “Daily” notes and myself have long looked at how David on is doing this. Do you now essentially “simply” update one post or do you do some other trickery? I had some idea how to do that of already with one post, but usually lack the amount of things to say 🙂

    1. Yes, I create a new post each day, make it “Sticky”, and tag it with “In Progress”, which excludes it from the RSS feed. I just update the post throughout the day. At some point late in the day when it’s “done”, or the following morning, I remove “In Progress” so that it then appears in the feed. I’m guessing it would all be doable in Blot, but I’ve never tried to exclude a category/tag with it.

      1. Yes, that’s great and what I thought. Since I can exclude a post from the timeline, my guess is that the procedure to exclude a post from the feed would be the same plus adding anchor links to each post, so I can link straight an update is needed.
        That’s at least how I thought it up in the yet to be published post 🤣 I might also add them to an extra page. Not sure about that though.

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